About Robin Hood Studios

Robin Hood Studios was launched in November 2011 by Cameron Porter and Robert Kennard, and in the years since has produced countless videos across many industries and categories. Our mission is to bring the highest standard of video production to small businesses with limited budgets.


Robin Hood Studios began with a single goal in mind: to be a source of hope. For business owners looking for greater success, for hardworking people needing an escape, and for ourselves and our families to have the freedom to live the lives we wish to live, we aim to provide a way for all to achieve their goals.


In everything we do, we work to help the best companies reach the right customers and to bring laughter and enjoyment to those who watch our content. Making sure our video content achieves the purpose you want it to is more than our job - it's our mission.

Cameron Porter

Executive Producer

David Taylor

Live Event Specialist

Mason White

Associate Producer

Caleb Henney

Production Intern

Nathan Paulsen

Audio Engineer

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