About Robin Hood Studios

Our mission is to make the highest standard in video production quality available to the smallest of businesses, enable the best products and services to dominate their market, and connect audiences with companies who share the same priorities and values.


To accomplish that, we focus on two areas of video production: advertisements and content marketing.


For advertisements, every one of our Creators has been extensively trained in how to craft a successful marketing message using a video or series of videos, and we put a great deal of custom attention into even our most affordably-priced solutions. For funded start-ups or more established businesses, we also offer more robust, customized solutions that allow us to create something even more memorable and engaging.


For content marketing, we focus on video content, with blog posts, graphics, and photos acting as supplementary material to broaden the reach of our campaigns. On behalf of our clients, we use content marketing to connect companies with audiences who share the same priorities and values. Content marketing is one of the best ways to provide evidence for what your company claims to believe. We have plans ranging from DIY plans where we provide support and consultation to full-service handling of the ideation, production, and distribution of all content from start to finish.


Too many amazing products fail to gain traction in the market, and too many superior service providers lose out to those with superior marketing. Our mission is to make superior marketing affordable to everyone so that the deciding factor is the quality of the product or service.


If you represent the highest standards in your industry, we would love to work with you. Reach out and see if we would be a good fit.


Cameron Porter


Executive Producer

Mason White


Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Porter


Chief Marketing Officer

David Taylor

Live Event Specialist

Nathan Paulsen

IT and Tech

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