Advertising and Promotional Videos

Why Is Video So Effective?

Humans interpret their surroundings in so many different ways; they can read words, watch action, listen to music, and hear words.


Video can be extremely effective because it takes music, spoken words, and visuals that all communicate the same message and makes them synergize.


But video isn't always effective - you have to find someone who knows how to use it effectively to accomplish your goals.

Examples of How We Make Effective Ads

Distribution Options

We offer advertising and promotional videos for both Internet and broadcast media. We can produce broadcast-compliant :30 and :15 spots, as well as YouTube and GDN-friendly video ads.


Videos can be used effectively used on social media, television, email marketing campaigns, websites, crowdfunding projects, and landing pages.

Pricing for Advertising Videos

RHS Membership Accounts (Subject to Approval)

We offer a membership service which uses a set, recurring monthly payment to build up funds over time to pay for video projects, turning a difficult one-time expense into a manageable portion of the monthly budget. Our members also receive additional benefits as part of their membership.



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