Video Production Services

Video Production Services for Organizations and Individuals

An image of the equipment for live event videography that Robin Hood Studios uses on a regular basis.

Content Marketing

Long-term, exponential growth through blogs, vlogs, and other content.


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Advertising and Promotional

Let people know who you are, announce a new product, or help your website convert.


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Live Event Videography

Get the most out of your conference, training, or customer appreciation day. Record it for later, live-stream, or both.


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Cinematography and Color Grading Services

Have a Vision, but Need Some Help?


The Executive Producer of Robin Hood Studios, Cameron Porter, is a practiced cinematographer and colorist.


For cinematography, he currently charges a day rate of $500 for up to 12 hours.


For color-correction and grading, he currently charges hourly at $50/hour.


Reach out to Cameron directly at for booking.

A beautiful image expertly composed and colored by accomplished Cinematographer and Colorist Cameron Porter.

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