What's a Case Study?

Imagine a testimonial with targeted messaging combined with an interview with your business, AND footage of the results of your work.

These are Case Studies:

Total Home Services
True North Chiropractic
Rasmussen Custom Cabinetry


How Does it Work?

First, we identify which job/client/customer you want to build the case study around. Typically, this should be a customer that:

  • Represents one of your ideal customers
  • Had a mostly normal need with an unusual curveball
  • Is willing to give an on-camera testimonial

Next, we schedule the shoot. It's important to note that these shoots can sometimes take up to 3 hours. The customer will only be on-camera for a maximum of 30 minutes, but we also need to interview a rep from the business and get footage of the work that was done for that client. It's important to clarify with the customer that while they won't be needed on camera for very long, we will be in their space for a while.


On the day of the shoot, our expert Cinematographer arrives on-time, and walks around the space to get a feel for the highlights of the project and determine the best place to shoot the interviews.

He builds rapport with your customer and makes them feel comfortable before beginning their interview. Typically we try to shoot the interviews first, as people tend to loosen up significantly after those are completed.

A rep from your business is welcome to stay for the entire shoot, but it is not required. As long as your customer is aware that we will be taking the time to properly document the work that was done, we are happy to conduct the shoot on our own.


We take all the footage back to our studio and get it edited into a finished case study. By the time you see a draft, it will have been approved by our Editor and Post-Production Supervisor, so there should be very few changes needed at that point.

Your time is valuable, so we strive to make the very first version we send over good enough to be the final version. That said, we may miss subtle nuances, especially those related to your brand or key messaging, and we are more than happy to remedy those issues, no matter when you discover them.

Unlike most video production companies, we do not have a hard limit on the number of revisions we will perform on a video. Only rarely do we need to go back-and-forth with our clients more than once.

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