Up Your Podcasting Game by Giving the Right Impression

The most successful podcasts have guests, videos, and a customized set for their audience. Focus on making your content and booking your guests instead of worrying about whether a mic is working.

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You focus on your content, while we handle the technical.

Customizable Set

Most of the set is customizable - fill our shelves with your own props or signage, swap out the table or chairs, and more.

Perfect Audio, Every Time

Professional studio microphones, up to 4 hosts/guests, our studio technician monitors the recording the entire time.

Video with 3 Angles

Spotify supports video, and YouTube is one of the main funnels for growing your podcasting audience. Get not 1, not 2, but 3 angles.

Leave With Upload-Ready Files

Our vision is to make this process as painless and turnkey as possible. After your session, leave with a flash drive containing upload-ready video and audio files. 


Our Gear - Your Podcast

Even after you've gone through the growing pains of figuring out how to get quality audio on your own, it's absolutely worth letting someone else deal with making the technical side perfect while you focus on the quality of your content.

Our studio technician runs the show while you host the show. He monitors the audio and switches camera angles all in realtime while you keep your conversation organic and authentic.

Video Increases Your Exposure

One of the top ways new listeners discover podcasts is through YouTube. They chance upon a podcast video there and then decide to subscribe on their podcast app. Having quality video speaks volumes about the caliber and legitimacy of your podcasts.

Even Spotify has started supporting video files when you upload your podcast to their platform. Many people consume podcasts like they used to consume radio, but more and more people are consuming podcasts like they used to consume daytime TV.


How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is on an hourly basis and can be anywhere from $200 - $300 per hour of studio time depending on options selected. For best pricing, ask us about a monthly plan.

How Much of the Set Can be Customized?

Everything except the shelves and the black studio foam on the walls. Even the green foam can be removed and replaced with a banner, or we can change the color of the green foam with after-the-fact editing.

What's Your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellations and postpones are highly detrimental to our business, especially if it's short notice. You are not considered booked in the studio until your payment is processed, and payments are generally non-refundable.

Any Other Catches to this Otherwise Incredible Deal?

The only other one we can think is that we are not able to store set pieces that our clients wish to use in our podcast studio. We can store small items like banners, but that's about it.

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