Finished Jobsite Videos

The perfect way to show the quality of your work to potential clients. Also gives

them an idea how amazing your work would look in their home.





Be a Show Off

Your bid is up against who knows how many other contractors. Most homeowners want to see that you've done work in the style they want for themselves, and they want to be confident that you'll be a good partner for their project.

What Makes Our Videos So Effective?

  1. We don't just show up with a tripod and hit record. We have highly specialized equipment that we use to get a wide variety of angles to really give viewers a sense of the space from the most flattering angles possible.
  2. We take our time at each home. For a typical project we're filming for around 3 hours, longer if we're also doing photos.
  3. We have rigorous internal review systems in place to make sure the very first draft we send to you is as close to upload-ready as possible.

In short, our videos are fantastic simply because we're not lazy.

Simple Pricing

Pricing starts at $1,000 and can go as high as $2,000 for the video based on a few factors:

  • Square footage of completed home/job
  • Complexity of job (for example, 4,000 sqft of flooring will be faster to film than 1,000 sqft worth of bathrooms)
  • Location. Davis, Weber, Salt Lake, & Morgan counties are our main service area, and we service Brigham City and Park City with no travel fee.


We offer several add-ons depending on your project needs.

  • Photos - Since we're already there, we can take a full set of photos for less than we would normally charge. Cost is half whatever the price of the video is. So if the video is $1,000, photos would be $500. Here is an example.
  • Aerials - for new construction and landscapes particularly, aerials can be a critical piece. Adding aerials is a flat $350.
  • Social snippets - get vertical versions for instagram, 1:1 for facebook, or additional cutdowns besides the main video. $250-$500 depending on volume


Why Are You So Cheap?

We charge enough to take care of ourselves and have found ways to achieve an uncompromising level of quality very quickly. As a general rule, we try to keep our pricing as low as we can while still making sure everyone wins on the transaction.

Why Are You So Expensive?

A typical $1,000 project will take half a day to travel & film, then another 4-8 hours of editing. We could be spending anywhere between 8-14 hours to earn only $1,000. As an hourly rate, this is cheaper than nearly every other serious service professional. We have been in business for over 12 years and know what we need to charge to have a sustainable business, and this is the minimum we can charge and still be sustainable.

How Much Do Most Finished Jobsite Videos End Up Costing?

Many of our finished jobsite videos only cost the minimum $1,000. For full remodels, $1,000 covers up to 3,000 sqft of remodeled space. Once we're over 3,000 sqft, we add an extra $250 up to 4000 sqft, then another $250 and so on. A video for a new construction or full remodel of a 6,000 sqft home would cost $1,750. For cabinetry companies, bathroom & kitchen remodels, and landscape jobs, we usually do not need to charge more than the minimum.

Do You Charge Extra for Revisions?

Generally no. We pride ourselves on getting very few revision requests from our clients, so when we do get change requests, we can usually accommodate them with no extra charge. We have no hard cap on the revisions for a video, but if the revisions require a reshoot, are a deviation from what our team was instructed to do in the first place, or become excessive, we may charge more on a case-by-case basis.

What Is Your Service Area?

We offer finished jobsite videos in Davis County, Weber County, Morgan County, and Salt Lake county with no travel fees. We also do not charge fees for Park City and Brigham City. Neighboring counties outside of that area are subject to a nominal ($50-$100) travel fee to cover the extra drive time. Travel further than that is welcome, but negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Are You Licensed to Fly a Drone Commercially?

The short answer is Yes. Every time a drone is used on one of our projects, a Part 107 Licensed UAV Pilot is present.

How Long Will You Need to Be In the Home?

It depends on the size of project and whether photos are being taken as well. At minimum, our Cinematographer will need 2 hours on the premises. At maximum, 6 hours, with the typical job taking right around 3 hours.

Can Other Contractors Be Doing Work While You Film?

Ideally no, but we've made it work when we need to. Your work will look the best once the entire space is move-in ready and the cleaning crew has come through, and usually after the space is furnished as well.

Do You Film on Nights or Weekends?

Generally no, though we can make exceptions to help someone in a pinch. Off-hours filming usually has a 20% fee added.

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