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More and more customers are choosing companies without ever leaving Google. And if they do leave Google, there's a good chance it's to go to a listings website like Yelp or Thumbtack - not to your website.

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Send the Right Signals

Every day Google and other search engines get better at putting companies and products in front of consumers looking for them. These aggregators become "kingmakers", if you will, by selecting which businesses to present and which to ignore.

The algorithm that determines this is opaque and (presumably) complicated, but there are a few things that we know affects which companies rise to the top:

  • Proximity to the customer
  • Reviews
  • Content

Be High-Effort

Listings websites and search engines want to list companies who are likely to do the best job.

Play the Game

Statistically, those who upload high quality videos and photos to their profiles are more likely to do good work.

Reach the Customer as Early as Possible

They May Never Get to Your Site

Even if your website ranks on the first page (which is getting harder every day), huge swaths of your customer base will be choosing from a list of companies in the google local listings or on aggregation websites.

You need to find a way to stand out when you're in a lineup with all the other businesses who offer similar services. How can you help your customers understand the difference at a glance?

Content. High quality videos and photos, to be exact. Let them see your workspace, get a feel for your culture, and get to know you a bit.

The Decider

Having more reviews won't always make the decision. As long as a business has "enough" good reviews, the customer starts looking at other factors.

The Substance

Reviews are best at establishing that you do your job well, but what about establishing what exactly it is that you do?

Listings & Classified Content Package

How Does It Work?

Each listings service allows you to upload at least one video and ~20 photos. We set aside either a morning or an afternoon to come shoot those assets, then edit them on our end and send the files to you, ready for upload.

Business Video

This can be:

  • an office tour (great for dentists, Chiros, etc.),
  • an explainer video (great for trades, niche products)
  • Mission statement

Business Photos

These can be:

  • on the job
  • around the office
  • personnel
  • All of the above


When appropriate, we can incorporate aerials into the video and photos of the business.

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Pure Prosthodontics

See the photos by clicking the image below. You will be taken to a google drive folder.

Affordable Pricing - Incredible Payoff



  • 1 location
  • 1 Video
  • 20 Photos


  • 2 Locations
  • 2 Videos
  • Up to 40 Photos

Popular Add-Ons

Add each for a flat rate of $250

Aerial Video & Photos

Having RHS write your scripts is like having Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as your delivery driver. No one will do a better job.

Customized Graphics

Basic, brand-neutral graphics are available on all projects, but if you'd like branded graphics like lower-thirds, transitions, etc. This is what you're looking for.

Logo Animation

Most businesses have a solid logo, but very few of them have an animated version of their logo with a transparent background. This can be useful in all video content in all contexts.

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