Maximize Your Dollars

Maximize Your Reach

If you're already spending all this time and money putting together an event, why not double or even triple your reach and extend your presence in your audience's minds indefinitely?

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Spread Your Reach

Who's In Your Room?

More importantly, how many can fit in your room? How many can you convince to get off their duff and come to your event?

Events tend to be very expensive to put on and come with limited potential for reach. Have you thought about how you can reach as many as possible? Having your event recorded on video gives you the tools you need to glean as much return on your investment as possible.

Maximize Reach

Stream the event live and/or release videos over time.

Achieve Growth

Use soundbites, short clips, and impactful moments to drive engagement.

Gain Social Capital

Who Knows Your Value?

What if you could spread your reach exponentially and gain social capital with people who can't attend your event?

Maximizing the value of your event means bringing as many people along as far as they're willing to come. For some, that means they'll attend your event directly. But for many others, they may not be willing to dedicate an evening or an afternoon (yet), but they will watch a short clip of a cool moment.

Then they're even closer to becoming a customer.

Build Your Brand

Pull stills and tag partners on social media.

Show Your Colors

Release video clips that show what causes you support

Video For Events in Utah

How Does It Work?


We arrive early, get set up, connect to the internet & your preferred social media channels, and bring your event to the interwebs with as much quality as the connection strength and platform will allow.

Record & Drop

We arrive early and set up in as discrete of a place as possible. We record the event in 4K quality, edit the footage into segments and send to you for upload based on your schedule.

Candids & Promo

We arrive early, touch base with you on what you'd like emphasized, then proceed to capture the right moments throughout the event. We then combine all the shots into a promotional video for your next event.

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Examples of Work

We've included an example of each different type of event video that we offer. Feel free to check out one or all.




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