Connect with More People

Court them into Customers

Social media is just that - 'social'. If you want to turn it into a revenue stream, you have to use it to build relationships. The best way to build relationships? Interaction via video.

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Connect With Potential Customers

Who are you, really?

People choose which products to buy and which companies to support based on a wide variety of reasons. One of those reasons is whether they have a personal relationship with a business.

This becomes a real problem as you scale, because your ability to directly interact with each potential customer starts to shrink. The good news is that you can still do so via social media and YouTube.

The process of acquiring a customer on social media is different from going out on sales calls. Unfortunately, most businesses treat them exactly the same. We'll help you treat it differently.

Create new Customers

What do you have in common with your customers? Shared interests? Fandoms?

Fortify Old Ones

Keeping in touch after the first date helps keep the relationship going strong.

Prove Your Identity

Here's the Pudding, Where's the Proof?

Whoever you claim to be, your online presence either supports or detracts from it. Are you Danny LaRusso or Johnny Lawrence? Are you Wal-Mart or Harmon's? Honda or Tesla? Whether you're aiming to educate, entertain, or interact, putting your money where your mouth is puts more money in your...pocket.

There's a notable difference between a company who claims to believe in educating consumers and one who dedicates time, money, and other resources to creating educational content for consumers both before and after they become customers.

Your potential customers can see the difference.

Be Authentic

You need a baseline level of quality (sound, lighting, etc.). Beyond that, do what comes naturally.

Be Consistent

Establish expectations and then fulfill them. That's just good business.

Social Media Content in Utah

How Does It Work?

There are three core strategies a company can use to bring in customers via social media. Each of them centers around a certain type of social relationship.

Educational & Inspirational

In this strategy, you bring in customers by either educating them or inspiring them.

Your goal is to develop students, then turn them into customers.

Entertainment & Celebrity

In this strategy, you bring in customers by entertaining them.

Your goal is to develop fans, then turn them into customers.


In this strategy, you bring in customers by direct interaction and sharing interests.

Your goal is to develop friends, then turn them into customers.

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  • 2 hours of shooting
  • A month's worth of videos (up to 4)
  • All required editing included
  • Basic graphics included


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  • We hire models/voice talent as needed
  • We write the script(s)
  • We secure a location
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Popular Add-Ons

Add each for a flat rate of $250

Script Writing

Having RHS write your scripts is like having Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as your delivery driver. No one will do a better job.

Customized Graphics

Basic, brand-neutral graphics are available on all projects, but if you'd like branded graphics like lower-thirds, transitions, etc. This is what you're looking for.

Logo Animation

Most businesses have a solid logo, but very few of them have an animated version of their logo with a transparent background. This can be useful in all video content in all contexts.

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