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Increase Customer Satisfaction

The majority of online shoppers say they are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. Not only that, but a majority also say they prefer to watch video rather than read about a product.

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Increase Customer Confidence

Does Your Product Work?

Having a demonstration video on your amazon product listing or sales page on your website can answer entire swaths of customer questions that you could never predict: whether the product will work in their specific situation, how to use it, or who it's designed for.

A customer will only trust staged photos so far; to take a chance on something new they want to see it in action for real. Influencer videos and user-generated content are important for that, but creating your own videos allows you to show your product in action and control the narrative about it.

Strengthen Trust

You say your product is great, but why should customers believe you?

Increase Confidence

Confidence before purchase predicts satisfaction after.

Find the Right Customers

Who Is Your Product Best For?

The only thing worse than having the right person pass on your product is having the wrong person purchase it.

Many negative reviews come from violated expectations - the customer thought the product would do something it wasn't designed or intended to do. You can mitigate this by using videos to show how your product is intended to be used.

This will also give the right customers more reason to take a chance on your product, since they see that it is specifically designed to solve their problem.

Filter Customers

Or better yet, give them the tools to filter themselves.

Clarify Expectations

Make sure they're getting what they're expecting.

Product Videos in Utah

How Does It Work?


This type of video is designed to show your product at its best. Fanciest lighting, hottest models, coolest scenery. Show the gist of how your product is used by people who represent what your target wants for themselves.


Tutorials are more in-depth about demonstrating the product in its natural habitat. We still take the time to light, mic, and get high-quality footage (of course), but emphasis is placed on explaining and demonstrating.


When appropriate, we can use animated elements to create either a promotional or tutorial product video. This can work well for less tangible products (like a software subscription), or products that customers won't interact with regularly (like a furnace).

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Sample Projects




Pricing for Every Project



  • 3 hours of shooting* (usually enough for 2-4 videos) + editing
  • OR up to 3 minutes of doodle animation
  • OR up to 30-seconds of 2D animation

*DP/Director only

**Artwork, script, products, models provided by client



The basic package PLUS:

  • We hire models/voice talent/crew as needed*
  • We write the script(s)
  • We secure a location as needed*
  • An extra hour of shooting as needed

*talent and location fees are separate from our services and vary by project.

Double (Basic/Turnkey)


Everything in either Basic or Turnkey, just twice.

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