Let Others Declare Your Greatness

Earn Social Proof

Testimonials are the swiss-army knife of video marketing. Virtually every business can get an ROI from them, they can be used everywhere, and they last for years.

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Nail the Strategy

Get the Most out of Testimonials

Testimonials aren't just for the homepage of your website -- they can be some of the most valuable social media posts in your arsenal, especially if you partner with the customer giving the testimonial to share it after it's posted.

Testimonials are the perfect "curiosity-piquing" content, because they give a third-party endorsement of you while also giving you an excuse to elaborate on the product or service the testimonial is about.

Social Proof

People trust reviews, and they trust video testimonials even more.

Individual Meaning

Showing the positive experience of others is the most direct way to build confidence.

Building the Foundation

Testimonials Strengthen Everything Else

Not only can testimonials be used in as-is in a variety of direct ways, but once you've got them in the tank you can also use clips and sections from them in other videos that you make in the future.

One of the key components of a good homepage video is at least one testimonial, and while they may not be as flashy as some other forms of advertising, they are undeniably effective when sprinkled in to strengthen your key marketing messages.

Testimonials are often our very first recommendation for new clients, especially if they're unsure of how to start getting more customers online.

Part of the Plan

Like with anything, a good strategy needs to be in place for testimonials to be effective.

Simple to Use

The strategy doesn't need to be complicated or involved, though. It can be simple and straightforward.

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How Does It Work?

On the Home Page

Testimonials don't need to be at the very top, because there are plenty of folks who are just landing there to find out how to contact you. The ones who want to learn more will typically scroll down anyway. Once they do, they see the testimonials and gain confidence in your company.

On Social Media

Even if you just throw them on social media without tagging anyone or promoting them, they'll still provide value, but developing a posting strategy can increase their impact exponentially. It's entirely possible to have a whole campaign centered around testimonials.

On Product/Services

Your homepage is a lot like a foyer in an office space. Everyone who comes in starts there, but then they shuffle off to whichever department they're looking for. If you have testimonials about specific products or services, they can live on those pages in addition to the homepage.

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