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Pages with videos on them perform better than pages without. Good videos will make them perform even better.

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Why Do People Come To Your Site?

This is a serious question, and while it's tempting to just say "to learn about my business" and move on, your website should be purpose-driven.

Are you selling products on your site? Trying to book appointments? Trying to get people to come to your brick-and-mortar store? Getting them to call you?

Whatever the end result is, your site needs to be designed around that goal, and the video content on your website is no different.

A Clear Message

This is a must. The last thing you want your website to do is generate more questions.

A Clear Pathway

Give your visitors an obvious (and palatable) "next step" to working with you.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Your Website is Your Digital HQ

This is true in more ways than one, but it can be helpful to look at your website as a digital replacement of your real-world office. What content should go on your Products/Services page? Well, in the real world who would people talk to about that? Probably your sales staff. What are the most common questions and pieces of info that your sales staff goes over during the process? There's your Services page.

What about your Support page? Well, when your customers call in for support, what do they ask about? There's your content.

The "About us" Page? When you go to networking meetings or are meeting people for the first time, what are tidbits they find most interesting? There's your content.

The Role of Video

The right video content will make your page more engaging and make you more appealing.

Better Return

Keeping people on your pages longer and having better conversion rates tells Google you should rank higher in searches.

Website Videos in Utah

How Does It Work?

Homepage/Landing Page

When people arrive at your website, they are there for a reason. Sometimes they'll just scroll down until they find it, but they'll often try the video at the top of the page. That video needs to give them what they want.

Brand Videos

A brand video is much like a product video but it shows the product in its ideal setting being used by your target customer base. These are highly effective in communicating what your brand is all about.

Staff Highlights

Your business is only as good as your employees, and as you grow, customers will develop relationships with specific members of your team. Making highlight videos of your staff can help new potential customers feel more comfortable reaching out.

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Recent Examples

Homepage/Landing Page

Brand Videos

Staff Highlights

Pricing for Every Project


  • scripting, outlining, other pre-production

  • documentary format (interviews & b-roll)

  • 1-man or 2-man film crew

  • All editing required
Brand Videos


Ultimate Scalability

  • Scripting, outlining, other pre-production
  • Models/voice talent as needed
  • We can write the script(s)
  • Location/artwork as needed
Staff Highlights


We come set up for a morning or afternoon and interview your team members to give your customers a chance to get to know them. Perfect for sending to clients before the technician arrives or for putting on your About Us page.

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